Monday, November 18, 2013

An Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality
Joey McCarrick

         An average smart phone has become a necessity for most of the general populace. Companies compete to create the next best thing and Apple has continued to be at the top with their iDevices. The game may be changing pretty soon however. Google created a device they call the Google Glass which gives you the feel of a smart phone however takes a person into a kind of augmented reality. The Google Glass is managed by voice for the most part and is worn like a pair of glasses or as a headset. The glass is small so it does not obstruct a persons view but rather create kind of a side screen for the user. The Glass is like a virtual smart phone that can take pictures, record video, call, text message, search the web and much more. You access the Glass by giving it a nickname or a timeline code, such as “Hello Glass” and the device is then initiated. You can create different HTML forms or use templates to view text and images. And at the nifty price of $1500 US dollars the Google Glass could be yours too.

       I believe that the Google Glass is just the beginning of similar products to create an augmented reality and a hands free smart device. Because of the price, Google Glass is not extremely popular just yet, but I feel that most will agree when I say that its pretty awesome. Who knows what the future holds for technology? There could be a day when we use a device like this without even saying a word.

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  1. wow. No words. I would love to have one of these haha