Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Physical Photography

Virtual Beatles Tour

- the techniques (how it is done)
They compiled the photographs and edited them into a panorama. With the help of modern software like photoshop to recreate the scene.

- the interface
Photography. Software simulation. Programing. 

- the development
There has been developments in panoramic photography with cell phones and IMAX technology. 

- the peak (has it already happened?)
It hasn't peaked, but it has happened. What I mean by this is that the hype or magnitude of this technique has already passed. But this doesn't mean it hasn't reached its peak. Just like photography has progressed, this is a mutation, or evolution.

- an example

- speculate wildly about the future.
I believie there will be a 360 camera in the future that captures the surrounding of any certain space, and then recreates the scenery in the same space in a hologram fashion. Capturing 3 dimensions, and recreating it in 3 dimensions.

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