Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MIT Invention Lets You Reach Through Computer Screen & Play With Stuff

This is the video link below.

This is the original sites below. 

How it works: The Kinect picks up movements and computer analyzes and copy the movement.
Interface: Kinect (Kinect is a interface that responds how you move and it's used for Xbox360.)

The development: inFORM is one of many projects under the concept of Tangible User Interface (TUI). This concept is turning digital information into a physical representation to better understand it. 

The peak: It hasn't happened yet.

Example: It can be used to interact physically at a distance.
Turning 2D architectural designs to 3D models. Could be used for medical or surgical simulations.

Speculate about the future: we might be able to touch and feel things even we're million miles away. That will be amazing thing and scary thing and the same time because that technology allows you to control or harm something or someone if they can see it through screen. But at the same time, it allows you to save or heal physically from far distances. 

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