Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Art of Photoshop

New Media Presentation: The Art of PhotoShop
By Aliah Allen

Photoshop is altering images digitally using computer software. Photoshop was first introduced through the company Adobe Systems under the creators Thomas Knoll and John Knoll.

Example 1

*There are many techniques in Photoshop that can be used depending on what your conveying in the image. Here are five current basic techniques from Adobe newest Photoshop software, PhotoShop CC.

      1.     Extraction (detaching an object from the remainder of the image)
      2.     Straighten & Cropping (removing the ends of the image) 
      3.     Removing unwanted areas
     4.     Use layers for cool effects (Layers portray the many various stages at which you can place an object or image file. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers below.)


    There are many interfaces, computer software and hardware used for Photoshop. However, the company Adobe Systems is the professional standard for Photoshop. This company offers a variety of different Photoshop software such as Photoshop CC, Photoshop lightroom 5, and Photoshop elements 12. Here is a list of free Photoshop software’s.

1.     Gimp
3.     Pixia
4.     Seashore
5.     Inkscape


Click this website to see the evolution of Photoshop

The Peak:

    Photoshop is definitely here to stay. Commercially, we rely on Photoshop because the media, music, and movies use these techniques to touch up celebrities and politicians for many reasons such as magazines, album covers, and movie billboards and posters. Photoshop has always been controversial due to altering celebrity’s photos because it brainwashes young minds to think that beauty is a certain appearance. 

     The same attitude artistically looks down on Photoshop amongst traditional Artists such as painters and sculptors. However, younger Artist and the younger generation appreciate Photoshop as a true art form. Photoshop takes true skill and creativity to design this

                                                                          Example 2

     The Future:
     In conclusion, Photoshop will expand successfully in the future. The world is becoming more advance and digitalize in technology. Photoshop will only continue with it. 

      Here is a video with more information on Photoshop

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